Biophilic design for health and wellness

The trend of biophilic design has been growing since the mid-90s; several cities such as Singapore and New York City have started incorporating these designs into their concrete jungle to maintain a connection with nature. The pandemic has prompted people to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors and nature and incorporate them indoors. Derived from the Greek words for “life” (“bio”) and “love” (“philia”), biophilic design is a concept to increase occupants connectivity to the natural environment — be it through direct nature or indirect nature.

By bringing nature indoors and incorporating it into architectural design, a stronger connection to nature is created, therefore, improving occupants health and wellbeing. Backed by research, biophilic design has proven to help improve our cognitive, psychological, and physiological well being, as well as lowering the carbon footprint of buildings and create a healthier space through nature simulations, better air filtration systems and using more environmentally friendly materials.

The term biophilic design not only embeds the physical presence of nature in your surroundings but also mimics the natural world through objects, materials, textures, colors, shapes, and sequences found in nature as the aim is to stimulate visual, auditory, haptic, and olfactory connections through décor and architecture through certain elements of biophilic design — namely colors, natural materials, and the presence of natural daylight, botanic prints, flowing water features, and plant life.

Natural tiles are one of the best ways to incorporate biophilic design into your home due to their versatility, durability, and hygienic features. Creative Lab — an innovative retail home design service provider, allows homeowners to take charge of creating their ideal biophilic spaces through a personalized journey, alongside its in-house Sales Designers and cutting-edge instant 3D design technology. Here are a few design ideas from Creative Lab that show different ways of using tiles to create personalized biophilic spaces.




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