Tom Abang Saufi’s Raya 2024 Baju Raya collection, aptly named “SENANG,” is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, encapsulating a journey through time and culture. This collection is an homage to the designer’s inaugural participation at the Paris Fashion Week in 1987, a pivotal moment that signified the international recognition of their deep-rooted Borneo heritage.

“SENANG,” a term resonating with ease, comfort, and happiness, is the core essence of this collection. It’s a celebration of the rich, storied Pua motifs from the Iban group of Borneo, reimagined for the contemporary scene. These intricate weaves, which have been a lifelong passion for the designer, are now presented in a fresh, hip-hop-inspired aesthetic, making traditional Raya dressing not just a cultural statement but a fun, engaging experience.

In a delightful addition to this year’s collection, for the ladies’ styles, there are hand fans available (as stock lasts) created in a print to match the garments. This unique feature is a novel offering, merging practicality with fashion, and adding an extra layer of elegance and coordination to the outfits.

The collection is a testament to Tom Abang Saufi’s design philosophy of minimal fastenings and a ‘one size fits most’ approach. This inclusive design strategy aligns perfectly with Dato’ Tom Abang Saufi’s more than 4 decades of experience in fashion, ensuring that each piece is not just a garment but a timeless classic. The use of vibrant colours and ethnic motifs caters to the modern lifestyle’s fast pace, while also acknowledging the growing importance of colour in mental health and mood enhancement.

Each piece in the “SENANG” collection tells a story, encouraging the wearer to embark on a journey of cultural discovery and personal expression. It’s designed for those who appreciate the richness of ethnic wear but seek the comfort and versatility required by modern life. The collection allows for easy mix-and-match options, facilitating a sense of “SENANG DI HATI” – being in a good place physically and mentally.

With “SENANG,” Tom Abang Saufi invites wearers across Southeast Asia and beyond to embrace the joy and simplicity of dressing, blending the lines between tradition and modernity, and making every moment a comfortable, joyful experience. This collection is more than just clothing; it’s a celebration of heritage, a nod to the future of fashion, and a journey to the heart of what makes us feel truly “SENANG.”

The collection will be available for purchase on Zalora.com, tomabangsaufi.com, and selected retail locations such as Parkson Pavilion KL.

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