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The Best Way To Express Your Individuality! Through your hair! With iNOA’s wide range of  shades, you have access to every colour possible to create your wildest and most outstanding  hair looks. From cool silvers to rich mahogany, iNOA invites you to be creative, pushing the  boundaries for spectacular hair expressions. The best part? Even with the most striking, bold  colour, your hair remains healthy, soft, and smooth with optimal scalp comfort – all thanks to  iNOA’s exclusive patented ODS (Oil Delivery System) technology and oil-based, ammonia free vegan formula. 

In collaboration with nine Malaysia and Singapore Artistic Ambassadors and four Malaysia  iD Artists, L’Oréal Professionnel reveals iNOA’s hottest hair colour looks for the season with  a special edition En-Vogue trend lookbook. This is the very first time where both Malaysia  and Singapore’s hair maestros have joined forced in the spirit of colour creativity, creating the  most outstanding looks ever imagined to inspire other hair professionals and consumers alike  to embrace iNOA’s infinite possibilities for beautiful hair colour. With the En-Vogue looks,  one can truly be free in their expression to play up their individuality made possible by the  most eye-catching iNOA hair colours

Here are our favourites. Which one will you go with this season? 

By Malaysia Artistic Ambassador Simon Koh, Elle Hair Studio

RETRO GLAM iNOA Formula 4.20 (1) + 20vol (2) | 8.21 (1) + 20vol (2) 

With a nod to the iconic styles of disco queens, this look combines vintage sophistication with modern flair. Lush, standout curls evoke timeless elegance, capturing the  essence of retro allure. A beautiful purplish, auburn hue  delivers a bold and confident statement that celebrates the  ever-lasting appeal of classic beauty. 

By Malaysia Artistic Ambassador Max Chang, Max Style Hair Studio

BRONZE TEMPEST iNOA Formula 9.13 (2) + 7.18 (1) + 20vol 

A mesmerising hair look that showcases a stunning  combination of golden hues delicately blended with rich  brown tones in a balayage masterpiece. The large, wavy  curls cascade gracefully to create a sense of movement,  flow, and sophistication. The play of warm golden highlights  against a deep brown base strikes a contrast, evoking a  smouldering and elegant aura.

By Singapore Artistic Ambassador GaryChew, Salon Vim  RUBY FLAME iNOA Formula 9.2 (60g) + 6.66 (1g) + 10vol

This stunning style showcases a reddish strawberry pink balayage flowing through luscious beachy curls that grace  beyond the shoulders. Adding a touch of contemporary flair,  cool white tips create a striking contrast for a unique play of  avant-garde allure. A mesmerising fusion of classic beauty  and modern edge, a radiant manifestation of confidence and  individuality. 

By Malaysia Artistic Ambassador Andy Chan, Andy Chan Hair  Studio

SLEEK MAJESTY iNOA Formula 7.23 + 20vol, 9.2 + 10vol Sleek Majesty is all about embracing your effortless regal within for a statement of self-assurance and poise. This captivating style features a pixie-cropped top that   embodies empowerment with a unique layered fringe that adds a touch of intrigue. The striking ash grey colour adds a sense of mystery and modernity, enhancing the overall allure.


By Malaysia iD Artist Steven Chu, Hair Clipperz

COCOA CHIC iNOA Formula 9.2 (60g) + 8.21 (120g) + 4.20 (2g) +10vol Cocoa Chic effortlessly embodies relaxed elegance and   understated femininity. This rich brown hue envelops hair in  a warm and inviting allure. Its long fringe delicately grazes  the eyebrows and the wavy-ish texture spells an air of ease. Embrace a relaxed yet refined aesthetic, capturing the  essence of natural beauty with a touch of sophistication.


By Malaysia iD Artist Dave Wong, M Concept Hair Salon

GOSSAMER GLAMOUR iNOA Formula 7.18 (1) + 10.21 (1) + 20vol 

With its blondish ash base and balayage highlights,  Gossamer Glamour showcases a delicate and ethereal  charm. The mid-to-tight curls create a sense of refined  elegance while its flowing movement evokes a mesmerising and carefree vibe. This look is a harmonious balance of  effortless beauty with refined style, capturing the true  definition of enchanting aura.

By Malaysia Artistic Ambassador Shawn Loong, Shawn Cutler Hair  


INK NOIR iNOA Formula 8.11 (30g) + 5.4 (5g) + 30vol 

Talk about mystery and intrigue! The cool silver hues add a  touch of ethereal allure while the dark undertones create   depth and intensity. It’s a style that embraces a sense of  secrecy and holds an air of intrigue, making a powerful  statement of magnetic charm.  

By Malaysia Artistic Ambassador Andy Chan, Andy Chan Hair Studio 

INFERNO SIREN iNOA Formula C6.66 +20vol 

A contemporary twist on classic bombshell aesthetics! This mesmerising hair look channels the allure of a fiery  temptress with waves that flow with an irresistible energy  and striking red hues that exude confidence and sensuality.   

Inferno Siren is an embodiment of fiery allure, commanding  attention with very sultry movement, leaving an  unforgettable impression in its wake. 

By Malaysia iD Artist Dave Wong, M Concept Hair Salon 

COOL ASHWAVES iNOA Formula 8.1 + 20vol 

With this greenish ash brown tone, your everyday shoulder  cut takes on a cool impression that captures relaxed vibes  with a touch of feminine charm. The unique tone infuses a  sense of natural earthiness and organic beauty with ends  gently grazing past the shoulder for an air of elegance. The  perfect balance between relaxed ease with understated  femininity, a look that embodies a laid-back yet chic approach to beauty.

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