Mr. Antoine Berardi, Dato’ Joyce Yap, Ms. Anne Yitzhakov, H.E. Mr. Axel Cruau The grand re-opening ceremony was officiated by the French Ambassador to Malaysia, His Excellency Mr. Axel Cruau and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s CEO Dato’ Joyce Yap accompanied by Ms. Anne Yitzhakov, Managing Director of Cartier Singapore, ASEAN and Malaysia and Mr. Antoine Berardi, Country Manager of Cartier Malaysia.

The celebratory event was graced by Malaysian celebrities such as Datuk Nicol David, Scha Al-Yahya, Jane Chuck, Han Pin Ma, Daiyan Trisha, Hun Haqeem, Nadhir Nasar, Lisha Ho, May Ho, Alton Ang, Eyka Farhana and Ameera Khan.

A Journey Filled With Magical Encounters

Magical Encounters at Pavilion Mall’s Crystal Fountain In conjunction with its grand boutique reopening, Cartier presents Magical Encounters, a festive animation at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. This immersive activation invites audiences to go on a multi- sensory experience through a fantastical world of wonders and sophistication.

Left: 3D Digital Out-of-Home Video | Right: Cartier Christmas Tree Selected areas in and around Pavilion Kuala Lumpur were transformed into a realm of enchantment, featuring Cartier’s temple boutiques, a flying zeppelin, and the iconic red boxes. From the fountain area to the mall’s main entrance, installations featuring towering Christmas trees, Cartier logos, and remarkable architectural elements will transport guests into a magical world. The outdoor spaces are enhanced by a delightful 3D digital out-of-home video that features Cartier creations flying in and out of the large screen.

Left: The Magical Spiral Staircase and Flying Zeppelin | Right: Photo Booth Once inside the mall, guests are invited to explore the magical spiral staircase that leads to a flying zeppelin. On the way to the boutique, special photobooths equipped with a wonderful 4D experience allow guests to take home a memory from the occasion.

The Cartier Lounge

Clients waiting to enter the reopened boutique may choose to relax and sip on a complementary beverage of their choice at the Cartier Lounge, situated right in front of the boutique on Level 3. Here, clients may also explore a dedicated mini-site with options to learn more about the local influences found in the boutique’s unique design or play “The Fabulous Cartier Journey” an exclusive game developed by the Maison. The game sees players navigating a zeppelin through fairytale-esque landscapes of soft clouds, glittering lakes and starry nights before reaching the Fabulous House.

“This celebration of our boutique reopening and the Magical Encounters End-of-Year animation represents Cartier’s commitment to cultural fusion and unparalleled luxury,” remarked Anne Yitzhakov, Managing Director of Cartier Singapore, ASEAN and Malaysia.

“We invite our guests to embark on this extraordinary journey, where opulence, heritage, and enchantment converge to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience this festive season,” continued Antoine Berardi, Country Manager of Cartier Malaysia. Magical Encounters is open to the public from now until January 7, 2024.

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