Vegan Skincare Brand by Dr Irma Skincare

  • Give your skin a refreshing boost with Dr Irma Skincare’s au naturel Dermoseries featuring ingredients such as virgin coconut oil and soy extract, minus harmful components such as SLS, parabens and fragrance.
  • New line promises skincare for all skins, men and women of all ages and skin types, including sensitive skin and eczema.

Homegrownhalal-certified and 100% vegan skincare brand, Dr Irma Skincare, has launched a new premium range called “Dermoseries – Perfecting Skincare”. Dermoseries makes natural-based skincare accessible to all with the finest natural ingredients. With this, the new series can be used by both men and women of all ages and skin types, especially with sensitive skin and eczema.

Founded by Bumiputera entrepreneur and practising dentist Dr Irma Shida Abu Samah, Dr Irma Skincare prioritises ingredients and approaches that are both religiously compliant and environmentally conscious allowing anyone to use the products worry-free.  Commenting on the new Dermoseries, Dr Irma Shida explained that the modern skincare enthusiast knows that it’s all about what goes into your product. “The ingredients feed your skin. That’s why we emphasise good quality natural products that can help skiant and consistent care is important and by using the best and safest ingredients, we help you keep your skin even healthier,” said Dr Irma Shida.

Dermoseries Perfecting Skincare Set comes with 2-in-1 cleanser moisturiser and 2-in-1 suncover moisturiser.

“Dermoseries – Perfecting Skincare” Offers a 2-step Solution to a Younger, Healthier Skin

A perfect skincare regime does not need to have 10 different steps, so to speak, to be effective, as proven by “Dermoseries – Perfecting Skincare”.

The Dermoseries range comes in a set of two bottles, Dermo Klin and Dermo Screen. Dermo Klin is a 2-in-1 cleanser moisturiser that helps to reduce breakouts without stripping away the natural skin barrier by effectively removing makeup, dirt and dead skin cells from deep in the pores. Meanwhile, Dermo Screen is a 2-in-1 suncover moisturiser that helps to repair, maintain and preserve the skin barrier, minimises pores and protects the skin from harmful rays to achieve healthier, smoother and younger skin.

“With the Dermoseries, we want to prove that having perfect skin doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we have just two products that do the job effectively regardless of gender or skin type. We carefully formulate our products to suit all skin types because generally speaking, the needs of men’s and women’s skin are quite similar. Any variations in tone and texture are slightly different which does not necessarily validate the need for different products. Regardless of gender, everyone could use gentle cleansing, hydration, and sun protection, which our Dermoseries is all about,” explained Dr Irma Shida.

The Dermoseries is infused with natural ingredients like virgin coconut oil and soy extract.


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