Spread Happiness With The Alley’s Happy Taro Series

The Alley Sets To Launch Happy TARO Series In-Line With International Happiness Day

The Alley has launched its Happy TARO Series with a mission to encourage Malaysians to spread happiness to their loved ones with a sweet treat on the coming International Happiness Day. The Happy TARO Series will be available for all Alley-ians from 20th March 2022 onwards at all outlets across Malaysia (excluding Genting Highland outlets).

The Alley’s latest Happy TARO Series consists of Hojicha Milkshake with taro balls and Black Milk Tea with taro balls. Both beverages are made with The Alley’s signature milk tea mixed with mashed taro and freshly handcrafted taro balls. In addition to the beverage, Alley-ians can get a free Smiley Face Topping and a customised Smiley Greeting Card by purchasing the Happy TARO Series.

Fans can enjoy the mix of strong taro aroma and milk as well as the chewy taro balls while indulging in their Happy TARO Series. The Alley uses a generous amount of mashed taro to flavour the beverages so fans can enjoy the blend of taro and milk in every sip.

CEO of The Alley Malaysia, Mr Ng Ching Wai opening speech during The Alley’s official launch of Happy TARO Series

“Taro is a classic and popular flavour among Asians. Thanks to its slightly purple tone and creamy texture that makes people feel satiated. Hence, we’ve decided to combine these two Asian delights, milk tea and taro, to share our happiness with everyone. We believe that happiness can be found in little things like moments in life, delicious food and drink and words of encouragement. So, let’s share some smiles by treating others to the Happy TARO Series with a Smiley Face topping and a smiley greeting card,” said Ng Ching Wai, Chief Executive Officer of The Alley Malaysia.

Fans will also receive a smiley greeting card alongside each Happy TARO series beverage with a quote on happiness to brighten their day. Alley-ians are also encouraged to share the quote with people around them because The Alley believes that the world is never too full of happiness, there is always room for more. Bring your friends and family along to spread happiness and share your smiles.

Spread Happiness

Fans who visit the store will find smiley table stickers with a QR code on every table. The Alley would like to hear from fans what happiness means to them by scanning the QR code and sharing their thoughts. The QR code can also be found on the back of smiley greeting cards that come with a purchase of the Happy TARO series.

The Happy TARO Series will be available at all The Alley outlets in Malaysia, excluding Genting Highland outlets from 20th March 2022 onwards at RM16.90 (Hojicha Milk Shake with Taro Balls) and RM15.90 (Black Milk Tea with Taro Balls) while stocks last. In addition, taro lovers who are interested in trying out the Happy TARO Series can also order it via The Alley’s delivery partners and get your drinks delivered conveniently to your homes.

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