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Practical advice by Dr. Zhong Nanshan (China’s top authority on Covid-19)

Dr Zhong predicted that, sooner or early later, the widespread community infection of Covid-19 will be inevitable.This is because there now is increasing numbers of infected people who are asymptomatic but with varying incubation periods moving around undetected.
As the above senerio is almost uncontrollable and unavoidable, it’s now crucial for us to prime our own immune system first.
Dr Zhong has provided 5 methods to enhance our immunity.

Dr Zhong said,
“Your immunity is the best and final solid defence (for Covid-19 infection.)”
Don’t just rely on masks, hand washing, etc alone. These are great preventive measures, but on top of them, everyone still need to build up their own immunity asap.

How to prime our immune system from now onwards, as soon as possible?

Firstly, we must get enough sleep; we must maintain at least 7 hours of sleep. Those who sleep less than 7 hours a day would have a lowered immunity against infection.

Second, we must eat well; our so-called “eat good” is not about eating delicacies, but eating wholesome high-quality proteins which can be use to produce antibodies.
Remember to strictly control our sugar intake; ingesting excess refined sugar can lead to inactivity of our white blood immunity cells for 5 hours!
Therefore, we have to select and control our diet.

Third, the coronavirus has a preditable propagation mode, it will multiply faster in the cold winter.
So some experts advise us to get more sun exposure which helps
increase vitamin D to prime our immunity.

Other experts did a research and published findings that the intake of vitamin D supplements during winter months can reduce
respiratory tract infections by two thirds. If you really can’t or don’t bask in the sun, you can also choose to take vitamin D instead.

Fourth, one Russian research found out: in order to avoid upper respiratory tract infection, “You have to rinse and gargle your mouth when you return home after outdoor visits. Why? Because all viruses have the keys to enter our cells; when a virus invades its target cell, it has to first drill holes and knock on doors etc, so it It will take a while to reach and attach the key to the target cell wall to open the gate to enter the target cell and propagate. So if you are infected outdoor, when you reached home just gargle and flush them out of your mouth.” At the same time, the Russian researcher also mentioned, “Whether you gargle with; water, salt water, betadine diluted in water, mouthwashs, tea; all these 5 methods work well.

Finally, Dr Zhong also pointed out that studies in Japan, Israel and Finland all showed that: Simply taking a Hot Bath every day to elevate your body temperature sufficiently would create an unconducive body environment for coronavirus infection.

The research also mentioned that if you take hot bath at 4 times or more each week, virus infection rate can drop to 60%.
Dr Zhong’s advice on this is: Take a hot bath every day. A 41 degrees C and for 5 minutes is good enough!

Please share with your family and friends.

Translated from a Chinese language handouts.

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