Embark on a Winter Adventure in Western Australia

For Malaysians who live in hot and humid weather all year round, going on a winter holiday is a great way to break the norm and experience the cold weather, albeit gently, for going from extreme humidity to the frosty cold may need some time to acclimatise.

This is why Western Australia is at the top of the list for places with temperate winter in the Southern Hemisphere to consider for a winter holiday. With temperature ranging between 8 to 19˚C during the winter months of June to August, Western Australia is only a short 5-hour direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth, and is a place of endless surprises that offers plenty to do especially during winter. 

Let’s look at the top three activities to do for an unforgettable winter adventure in Western Australia:

  1. Spot humpback whales in Augusta

Australia is renowned for its rich biodiversity and wildlife, including marine life. In the humble town of Augusta, which is just a 3.5-hour drive southwest from Perth, you can watch the gentle giants of the sea – the humpback whales – in action.

From June to August, the humpback whales and Southern Right Whales migrate along the waters of Augusta’s Flinders Bay, and gather for a short rest and play before continuing their journey north. Each winter, tour organisers will host whale-watching excursions for an opportunity to get up close and personal with these gentle giants of the sea. 

  1. Embrace the beauty of wildflowers along the Coral Coast
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Western Australia is home to one of the largest collections of wildflowers on earth, with 60 percent of the 12,000 species found only within the state itself. The breath-taking sight of a carpet of wildflowers is worth the 2-hour drive to the Coral Coast, located north of Perth and home to thousands of native wildflowers.

In season between July and October, there are several recommended locations to spot these beauties. They are the Iain Wilson Nature Trails, Kalbarri National Park, Leseur National Park and Nanbung National Park. 

  1. Join the hunt for truffles, the ‘black gold’ at Manjimup

Western Australia is known as the largest black truffle producer in the southern hemisphere, where the world-class ingredient is used in the menus of many restaurants around the world. Just over a 3-hour drive from Perth, the incredible ingredient is found along the fertile soils of Manjimup.

The Australian truffle season runs between June to September, with an annual Truffle Kerfuffle event held in late June. Go on a guided truffle tour and watch the highly trained dogs sniffing out the “black gold” from the ground, or start your gastronomy adventure and taste the exquisite flavour of truffles at the local restaurants.

So, what are you waiting for? Get packing, book your flight and start your winter wanderlust adventure to Western Australia for a great holiday experience. For more details and destination inspirations, head over to Tourism Western Australia’s website at

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