Cartier: Into The Wild

Cartier is exhibiting its emblematic panther through a traveling installation entitled Into the Wild. Designed as a cultural event that will travel all year round, this installation will be held at Atelier 3, Sentul Depot from September 4th – 18th, 2022.

Open to all, Into the Wild is a creative and immersive experience where Cartier submerges visitors into the world of the panther. The appearance of the Cartier panther at the beginning of the 20th century could have been anecdotal, yet it has captivated jewelry connoisseurs, written its own story, and left its footprint to become the very symbol of Cartier.

Capturing everyone’s attention, over the years it has become a precious symbol of free and assertive femininity. The Into the Wild installation traces the history of this feline collection shaped by the instinct of Jeanne Toussaint, a visionary woman, and the skilled hands of exceptional craftsmen. A fleeting immersive experience where the panther guides the visitor through time, form and space into the intimate details of a now signature savoir-faire.


The immortal Cartier panther has travelled through the centuries since 1914 when it first appeared in the form of spots on a watch. Unique, wild and magnetic, it reinvents itself in each era according to the unbridled desires of its creators. The installation invites the visitor to take a journey through the history of the panther, but also to experience a truly immersive experience where time passes on the walls on which sketches, authentic documents, videos and photographs from Cartier’s archives are displayed.


There are places that are charged with history. Even more so when they are occupied by singular creative minds. Upon entering the office of Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier’s first female creative director, the visitor enters intimately into the story of Cartier. Voiced by actor Édouard Baer and designed as a portrait-show, the journey of this founding figure reveals the story of a demanding, free and committed creator through a series of dynamic projections. A story of assertive femininity becoming a lifestyle.


Abstract, graphic or naturalist, the Cartier panther is a source of infinite inspiration constantly

reinventing itself. The creative minds at Cartier bring it to life just as they imagine it, according to requests and collections, but always to a unique and inimitable standard. In this room, the visitor meets all the different facets and personalities of this complex animal. From its widest to its most docile, from the most realistic to the most figurative.


To produce a Panthère creation is to combine different kinds of expertise. Designers, Sculptors, Casters, Jewellers, Gemologists, Gem-cutters, Polishers and Gem-setters unite around a single piece with the same criteria, that of Cartier. This room provides the visitor with the genesis of the panther. A detailed journey into the hands of those who together use techniques from the past in the present to create the high jewellery of the future.


The meeting point is a hall of fame with portraits of The Duchess of Windsor, Daisy Fellowes, Maria Carla Boscono, Chang Chen, Ella Balinska, Jisoo… the community of Panthère de Cartier enthusiasts, from generation to generation. Strong personalities brought together by the panther. 

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