Tips & Tricks To Work From Home, Away From Home, Far From Home

Although our nation’s government has declared the COVID-19 pandemic as an endemic where restrictions have been minimized and people are allowed to go back to work as usual, many companies have become accustomed to working remotely and have remained this way.

Working from home day after day may not provide you with the best productive environment, you have your bed, television and a kitchen full of snacks to distract you. Also, let’s be real, it can be pretty boring. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to switch up your environment, go to a cafe, visit a colleague or friend’s home to work together, or maybe a short getaway, a staycation away from your home.

With that being said, you don’t want to lug around your heavy laptop and bulky cable wherever you go.

So, here are some tips to enhance your working remotely experience on the go with the realme Pad :

1. Utilize Eye Comfort Feature

You may have heard of ‘dark mode’ on your smartphones, but what about an eye comfort feature suitable for any situation.  What if you were traveling in the car and had some work to be done, or you choose to work outside to get some fresh air, the realme Pad has a Sunlight Mode that would enable you to acquire sufficient display brightness to view the screen with comfort.

Not just that, if you were required to leaf through pages and pages of work, the realme pad has a reading mode feature that changes the display to one that resembles closely to reading these pages physically by simulating the texture of pages from a book.

Of course there is also dark mode, which has become a common feature in apps like Instagram and Facebook to make it easier on your eyes as you work. Plus, the realme Pad also features the night mode feature, for those days when you’re in bed with the lights out and you have a couple things to complete.

Wherever you go, wherever you are, utilize these features that offer you optimum eye comfort for every situation as you work!              

2. realme UI      

You may think, there is only so much a tablet can do and it doesn’t offer as much convenience as a laptop. But what if you can create multiple windows on one screen to make your work easier, not having to open and close different windows or tabs as you work. You can use the realme Multi-Window Mode feature to give you the convenience you need as you work at the palm of your hands. You can multi-task with such ease where you can actually be in a conference call with your colleagues or join a video meeting, while you complete any pending work you may have.

3. Dual-Mic Noise Cancellation

A very worrisome situation when you’re away from home, is the surrounding noise that may interfere with any important meetings you may have or emergency calls and conferences. What if you were at your family’s home and the surrounding is noisy with people talking and the tv running, it would be a massive interference when you turn on your mic to weigh in at your meeting. The realme Pad features a real nifty and sought after feature by many to be able to join meetings and have calls no matter what the situation is. The dual-mic noise cancellation feature on the tablet enables you to turn on your mic and speak without having the surrounding sound get caught on the mic. So your voice would appear as the primary sound, and be loud and clear throughout the meeting.

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