‘Paint Your dUCk’

The dUCk Group saw customers coming together to raise RM42,475 in funds through the ‘Paint Your dUCk’ auction sale to support medical frontliners during the COVID-19

pandemic. The ‘Paint Your dUCk’ auction was hosted from the 20 th to the 27 th of July on It is a crowdsourced event where participants from dUCk’s ‘Paint Your dUCk’ contest were able to list their signature purple box artwork on dUCk’s website to be purchased by interested bidders for a good cause. The funds raised will be donated to IMAM Response & Relief Team (IMARET) to purchase medical equipment such as oxygen tanks and to help mobilise volunteers at COVID-19 Assessment Centres (CACs) and mobile PPVs.

There has been a surge in cases recently and our medical frontliners are working around the clock to care for the COVID-19 patients in Malaysia. The dUCk team spoke to Dr. Husna Musa, Founding & amp; Exco member of IMARET who shared that they were in dire need of oxygen tanks and volunteers to support the ongoing efforts in tackling the pandemic. The team at dUCk believed this was an important and urgent cause to support and decided to raise funds.

“For this fundraiser, we wanted to do something different and fun that directly involved the community. I was so blown away with the paintings from our ‘Paint Your dUCk’ contest! Our customers are so talented, and this was an accidental discovery. I knew this could become something bigger and at the same time, put towards a good cause. We wanted them to feel proud and part of the project by raising funds through their own creations,” shared Vivy Yusof, Creative Chief Officer and Co-Founder of The dUCk Group.

“We received amazing responses from our customers, and some were even professional artists. It was great to see people take the initiative to paint more than one, a few came in sets of four and some could even glow in the dark! The effort they put in was so heartwarming! It was beautiful to see them rally for a good cause and use their dUCk boxes in a positive way. I am so proud to be part of this community,”

said Khadijah Mat Piah, Project Manager of the ‘Paint Your dUCk’ auction. Art with a Purpose

The success of the auction lies with the customers who listed their beautiful artwork to support the initiative by The dUCk Group. The auction saw a total of 150 artists participating with a total of 483 unique artworks listed for sale.

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