Mira Filzah Sweet Escape

LILIT.’s is pleased to announce its first fashion icon collaboration of the year with the one and only Malaysian sweetheart, Mira Filzah. This collection features a range of loungewear filled with whimsical prints and soft pastel hues that flatters every silhouette. 

The concept of this collaboration was inspired by Mira Filzah’s personality, who evokes a sweet and bubbly persona that we all know and love. Through this collection, LILIT. exudes Mira’s aura as a delicate vine with the nature of staying grounded no matter how high it grows, to chase the sun. This collection is also centered around Mira’s personal sweet escape, which translates into whimsical prints that evoke a sense of zesty youthfulness and the hopeful freedom of butterflies. 

True to LILIT.’s design ethos of comfort and modesty, this collection offers a range of loungewear with snuggly ribbed pieces and easy flare shapes in a platter of soft pastels that please the eyes. Inspired by the sweet and sour of life, with the current ongoing lockdown, consumers are finding creative ways to find a sweet escape within the confines of their spaces, LILIT. X Mira Filzah invites us to unlock our own sweet escape.

The collection features unique pieces such as Asymmetrical Shirts, Collared Ribbed Tops, Overlap Pleated and Satin Skirts, Printed Square and Shawl Hijabs as well as disposable and reusable masks, the collection’s price ranges from RM39 – RM199.

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