Maje features Taylor Hill In Fun

The newest campaign from Maje features Taylor Hill in a fun, playful way as she reveals her uninhibited daily life. In two episodes, Maje follows the supermodel taking an amused, somewhat dreamy approach to her daily life during these

hectic times.

In the streets of Paris, Taylor Hill is followed, filmed and questioned by paparazzi. With her Maboyfriend. Even in her car. Maje pokes fun at the normal yet extraordinary daily life of a modern-day supermodel.

And what does she do? She smiles at us, she plays the game and prefers to be friendly rather than avoid us. Suddenly, we are all reminded of the images from the 90s.

Except that today Taylor has 20 million followers, and she is obviously followed all day long, and control of her image is something she can control.

Fun before anything

Taylor Hill likes to give and take. Paparazzi taking imagery of celebrities doing mundane tasks is something she is used to, similar to fashion week and catwalk photographers. Everything is easy.

Taylor stages her daily life with a good mood and simplicity for those who have never been to our dear 21st century.

And what about us? Instagram sometimes leads us to be more like her. At any moment now, everyday life can be an opportunity to reveal ourselves. And here’s Taylor’s message: be ready, and enjoy the ride. And above all, have fun!

Taylor changes her look, has fun surprising us with her senses of style and plays with her image under the eye of photographer Kristin Lee Moolman. And for the first time Maje has a man in the campaign. Coining the Maje hats as it’s new men’s accessory 😉

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