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An Authentic Taste of Traditional Japan Outside of Japan

An authentic taste of Japan: Hamadaya offers premium quality Japanese sauces to the Malaysian community.

You are in a village during the Edo period in Japan over 200 years ago, a time of internal peace in the country and the final stretch of traditional Japan, where the sound of the wind blowing through bamboo stalks fills the air. You are treated to a steamy bowl of rice with some traditionally grilled fresh beef to be enjoyed with some soy sauce, sitting cross legged overlooking a Zen garden where the trickle of water from the pond plays in your ear. Now that you can picture this in your mind, it’s time for you to taste it.

Hamadaya, a Kumamoto-born soy sauce maker with roots stretching back to 1818, brings a traditional Japanese taste into the modern world to delight the taste buds of the people today through its range of premium sauces. Offering three different varieties of premium quality Japanese soy sauces, as well as an oyster essence sauce and two oden soup base options, Hamadaya has successfully enticed Malaysians with its authentic recipes since its establishment into the country in 2020 until now.

Its versatile range of sauces blends the sweetness of carefully-selected soybeans to bring out an exquisite umami taste with mineral-rich spring water, making Hamadaya’s products perfect for a marinade, as a dipping sauce, sauté base and many other uses.

The halal-certified award-winning sauces brand is proudly available in Malaysia and has already been globally renowned for its organic brewing technique, making it a preferred favourite among elite chefs around the world.

Despite having such an age-old recipe, Hamadaya’s soy sauces still resiliently innovates itself while also reinvigorating what used to be a normal dish into something that you can imagine enjoying while wearing kamishimo and kimonos, transporting you back to a time where samurais are still out and about. Simply put, it’s a time capsule in a bottle for your tastebuds.

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