107 Skincare Products For Inner and Outer Wellness

The background of 107:

107 is a carefully crafted line of skincare products using cutting-edge skincare science to modernize age-old beauty secrets, centered on an exclusive and potent core ingredient: aged vinegar. 


Our exclusive handmade vinegar is fermented and aged for seven years, then purified through a proprietary process to maximize effectiveness in skincare formulations. Based on secret recipes and proprietary methods passed down over 36 generations. Derived from traditional Asian medicine remedies. Brewed only once a year, then fermented and aged for up to 30 years. This naturally formed complex helps to provide antibacterial protection as well as exfoliate and hydrate skin. Based on in-vitro tests, our vinegar also exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to restore and soothe skin. Molecular byproducts known as post-biotics are produced within the vinegar itself. Beneficial for both inner and outer wellness.

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