Expo 2020 Dubai Unveils the Women’s Pavilion in collaboration With Cartier

Expo 2020 is the first World Expo to take place in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region, located on a 4.38 sqm site adjacent to Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai South. As it celebrates women driving change from every walk of life, the pavilion supports Expo 2020’s mission to deliver real-life solutions to real-life challenges. Expo 2020 will provide a visually striking, intellectually enlightening and emotionally inspiring 182 days, as more than 200 participants – including nations, multilateral organizations, businesses, and educational institutions, as well as millions of visitors – create the largest and most diverse World Expo ever.

Breaking stereotypes and deconstructing misconceptions on women’s roles, the pavilion will raise awareness by showcasing both female and male contributors to women’s empowerment and gender equality, inspiring visitors of all ages to become change-makers within their own communities and beyond. Under the exhibition titled “New Perspectives”, the Women’s Pavilion will invite visitors to recognize the central role women, known and unknown, have played throughout history, leading up to the present. Celebrating the significant – and often forgotten – contributions of women, the pavilion will demonstrate an important principle: when women thrive, all of humanity thrives. It will highlight important contributions women have made in advancing societies, as well as the challenges women still face, especially as the world navigates through the COVID-19 pandemic and works toward a more sustainable future.

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